Administration and Staff Contacts

Department Administration:

Andrew Bass
Andrew H. Bass Department Chair, and
Horace White Professor of
Neurobiology and Behavior
W239 Mudd Hall
Michael Sheehan
Michael Sheehan Director of Graduate Studies W303 Mudd Hall
607 254-4302
David Deitcher David Deitcher Director of Undergraduate Studies W125 Mudd Hall
Adrienne Mason Adrienne Mason

Department Business Administrator
Human Resources, Finances, Grants

W359 Mudd Hall
607 254-4360
Chad Westmiller Chad Westmiller Facilities Manager, Animal care E131A Corson Hall
607 254-4329
Brian Brown Brian Brown Building Coordinator
Fabrication, Building Matters
E125 Corson Hall
607 254-4205
Brian Mlodzinski
Brian Mlodzinski IT Support Associate W107 Mudd Hall
607 254-4390
Julie Hughes Julie Hughes Chair's Assistant
Supports Department Chair; Supports Professors: Ellwood, Raguso; Emeritus Faculty: Bradbury, Emlen, Hopkins, Vehrencamp
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4330
Saundra Anderson
Saundra Anderson Graduate Field Assistant
Supports Graduate Field, Department Curriculum and Course Administration for BioNB Courses; Supports Professors: Fernandez-Ruiz, Fetcho, Harris-Warrick, Oliva, Shaw, Warden; Emeritus Faculty, Walcott
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4389
Kyle Lane
Kyle Lane

Account Representative
Purchasing, Travel, Financial Transactions, Account Reviews, Grant Budgets

W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4351

Lori Maine
Lori Maine

Administrative and Course Coordinator
Assistant for BioNB 2210/2220; Payroll and Timekeeping,  Student Employment, Grad Student Employment, Room Scheduling, AV & Copier; Supports Professors: Bass, Dietz, Hoy, Linster, Reeve, Sandkam, Sheehan, Webster

W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4300
Jaclene Weston Jaclene Weston

Course and Events Coordinator
Course Administration for BioG 1440, Lunch Bunch; Directories, Keys, Lunch Bunch, NBB Honors Program, Seminar Series, Website; 
Supports Professors: Deitcher, Goldberg, Yapici; Emeritus Faculty: Adler, Seeley 

W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4340

Animal Care and Investigative Biology Labs:

Bryant Blank Animal Facilities Manager

607 342-8073

Jessie Gorges Jessie Gorges Supervisor, Animal Resources and Education B70 Weill Hall
808 443-9899
Trevor Totman
Trevor Totman Assistant Supervisor, Animal Resources and Education B70 Weill Hall
607 255-1718
Alisia Beck
Alisia Beck Animal Technician E120 Corson Hall
Megan Bunnell
Megan Bunnell Animal Technician E120 Corson Hall
Paige Rankin
Paige Rankin Animal Technician E120 Corson Hall
Irena Horvatt Irena Horvatt Course Coordinator 1130 Comstock Hall
607 255-2031
KC Ryan KC Ryan Laboratory Coordinator 1128 Comstock Hall
607 255-1305
Chelsea Maceda
Chelsea Maceda Assistant Laboratory Coordinator 1105 Comstock Hall
607 255-4409