Administration and Staff Contacts

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Department Administration:

  Name Role Contact Information
H. Kern Reeve Department Chair W311 Mudd Hall
Photo of Jesse H. Goldberg
Jesse H. Goldberg Director of Graduate Studies W121 Mudd Hall
607 254-4325
David Deitcher David Deitcher Director of Undergraduate Studies W125 Mudd Hall
Adrienne Mason Adrienne Mason

Department Business Administrator
Human Resources, Finances, Grants

W359 Mudd Hall
607 254-4360
Chad Westmiller Chad Westmiller Facilities Manager, Animal care E131A Corson Hall
607 254-4329
Brian Brown Brian Brown Building Coordinator
Fabrication, Building Matters
E125 Corson Hall
607 254-4205
Brian Mlodzinski
Brian Mlodzinski IT Support Associate W157 Mudd Hall
607 254-4390
Julie Hughes Julie Hughes Chair's Assistant
Supports Department Chair; Professors: Ellwood, Raguso; Emeritus Faculty: Bradbury, Emlen, Hopkins, Vehrencamp
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4330
Saundra Anderson
Saundra Anderson Graduate Field Assistant
Supports Graduate Field, Department Curriculum and Course Administration for BioNB Courses; Supports Professors: Fernandez-Ruiz, Fetcho, Harris-Warrick, Shaw, Warden; Emeritus Faculty, Walcott
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4389
Kyle Lane
Kyle Lane

Account Representative
Purchasing, Travel, Financial Transactions, Account Reviews, Grant Budgets

W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4351

Lori Maine
Lori Maine Administrative and Course Coordinator
Supports Professors: Bass, Dietz, Hoy, Linster,  Reeve, Sandkam, Sheehan, Webster; BIONB 2210/2220; Payroll and Timekeeping; 
Student Employment; Grad Student Employment;
Room Scheduling, AV and Copier
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4300
Jaclene Weston Jaclene Weston BioG 1440 Course and Events Coordinator
Supports Professors: Deitcher, Goldberg, Yapici; Emeritus Faculty: Adler, Seeley;  BIOG 1440; Keys, Lunch Bunch, Seminar Series, Website and Directories, NBB Honors Program
W361 Mudd Hall
607 254-4340


Animal Care and Investigative Biology Labs:

  Name Role Contact Info
Trevor Totman
Trevor Totman Supervisor, Animal Resources and Education B83 Weill Hall
607 255-1718
Julia MacCabe
Julia MacCabe Animal Technician E120 Corson Hall
607 254-4388
Jessie Gorges
Jessie Gorges Animal Technician E120 Corson Hall
607 254-4388
Timothy Van Deusen Timothy Van Deusen Animal Facilities Manager B53 URH
607 227-4424
Irena Horvatt Irena Horvatt Course Coordinator 1130 Comstock Hall
607 255-2031
KC Ryan KC Ryan Laboratory Coordinator 1128 Comstock Hall
607 255-1305
Chelsea Maceda
Chelsea Maceda Assistant Laboratory Coordinator 1105 Comstock Hall
607 255-4409