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Research Design in the Study of Animal Social Behavior, hosted by Kerry Shaw

A weekly discussion group for the evaluation of ongoing research projects - not necessarily finished products - in areas related to animal behavior. Neurobiology and Behavior graduate students studying animal behavior are encouraged to sign up to present once every year, especially those students in their second year and beyond. Students, post-docs and faculty from any field are welcome to both present and attend. 

Tuesdays, 12:20-1:30 PM, W358 Mudd Hall

To schedule a date, contact Saundra Anderson

Fall 2018:

Date Speaker Possible Topic
August 28 No Meeting  
September 4 No Meeting  
September 11 James Tumulty The evolution of a social recognition system in territorial rocket frogs
September 18 Allison S. Injaian Behavioral and physiological impacts of traffic noise on tree swallows
September 25 Maria Modanu How can sex roles evolve in sexually reproducing systems? A game theory model
October 2 Mickey Pardo The function of greeting displays in acorn woodpeckers: possible directions for analysis
October 9 FALL Break  
October 16 Russell Ligon The evolution of behavior
October 23 Jay Stafstrom Net-casting spiders: Sensory ecology of the most interesting spider you might have heard of once before
October 30 Callum Kingwell Sweat bee queen fertility signals and their effects on totipotent workers
November 6 Derrick Thrasher Group dynamics and patterns of extra-pair mating in the variegated fairy wren 
November 13 Sara Keen Effects of social environment on vocal communication in great tits 
November 20 Andrew Legan Production, perception, and function of chemical signals in Polistes paper wasps
November 27 Sara Miller Color diversification in paper wasps
December 4 Caitlin Miller Territoriality and Scent Marking in House Mice