Lunch Bunch

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Research Design in the Study of Animal Social Behavior, hosted by Kerry Shaw

A weekly discussion group for the evaluation of ongoing research projects - not necessarily finished products - in areas related to animal behavior. Neurobiology and Behavior graduate students studying animal behavior are encouraged to sign up to present once every year, especially those students in their second year and beyond. Students, post-docs and faculty from any field are welcome to both present and attend. 

Lunch Bunch held in A106 Morison Room on Tuesdays from 12:25 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. 

To schedule a date, contact Jaclene Weston


Spring 2022:

Date Speaker Possible Topic
January 25 Kerry Shaw Organizational and Open Discussion
February 1 No Class  
February 8 Robert Raguso "Rain in the desert: what I learned during my monsoon sabbatical"
February 15 Kerry Shaw

The (mis)concept of species recognition

February 22 Rikki Laser Evolution of Neonatal Huddling in Rodents and discuss how one might explore a question like this
March 1 February Break  
March 8

Raunak Sen

Designing mate choice experiments to understand reproductive isolation
March 15 Ben Sandkam Diversity through differential expression of a shared genome (grant in prep)
March 22 Ron Brown Developmental Transcriptomics in Polistes
March 29 Andrew Legan CHC development in wild wasps
April 5 Spring Break  
April 12 Santiago Forero Reproductive investment and social decision-making in the prairie vole
April 19 Leah Valdes Social life and disease transmission in the common eastern bumble bee
April 26 Mike Webster Strong convergent evolution of an interspecific vocal signal
May 3 Sara Miller Future wasp grant
May 10 Bhaavya Srivastava Investigating variation in behavior and chemical cues in Laupala