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Integrating research themes into flagship courses


NB&B offers a broad range of courses and research opportunities for undergraduate students, making it the most popular biology concentration at Cornell. 

The associated graduate field of Neurobiology and Behavior encompasses all aspects of neuroscience and behavioral research on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. The graduate program's goal is to advance the understanding of neurobiology and behavior by training the next generation of scientists working at this exciting interface.

Spotlight on BIONB2210/2220

Our teaching mission is to integrate research themes into two flagship courses, BioNB 2210 (Introduction to Behavior) and BioNB 2220 (Introduction to Neuroscience), and to explore them in greater depth in our upper level courses. In the videos below, NBB faculty instructors give an overview of the structure and significance of these two keystone courses:

Eliza Baird-Daniel

Student Spotlight: Eliza Baird-Daniel '15

A recent Cornell graduate with a concentration in NBB, Eliza Baird-Daniel fondly remembers her time participating in research in the lab of Professor Jesse Goldberg: 

"Dr. Goldberg, in particular, has been an incredible source of encouragement and guidance. I am so honored to have worked with someone who is such a remarkable teacher, and has allowed me the intellectual power and freedom to design experiments and explore scientific questions."


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