Department Seminars

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SPRING 2022:

Department Seminars held in A106 Morison Room from 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker
March 3, 2022 Cori Bargmann, Rockerfeller University; Perry W. Gilbert Lectureship in Comparative Anatomy and Behavior; Host: Graduate Students/Brendan Ito - "Organizing behaviors across timescales"
March 10, 2022 Damian Elias, University of California, Berkeley; Perry W. Gilbert Lectureship in Comparative Anatomy and BehaviorHost: Graduate Students/Andrew Legan - "Rethinking complex communication and sexual selection in spiders"

March 17, 2022


Gilles Laurent, Max Planck Institute; Host: Graduate Students/Anna Gruzdeva - "Neural Dynamics in Behavior and Sleep"
March 24, 2022 Liang Liang, Yale School of Medicine; Host: Ian Ellwood - "Functional circuitry of the mouse visual thalamus" 

March 25, 2022

Currently Postponed

Feng Zhang, MIT; Life Sciences Lecture Series; Hosts: Ailong Ke, Molecular Biology and Genetics; Ilana Brito, Biomedical Engineering  - "CRISPR Systems: Exploration of Biological Diversity to Discover Novel Molecular Technologies"
March 31, 2022 Loren Frank, UCSF; Host: Antonio Fernandez-Ruiz - "Memories and Mental Simulation"
April 7, 2022 Spring Break

April 14, 2022


Rudy Behnia, Columbia University; Hosts: Graduate Students/Yuta Mabuchi and Xinyue Cui - "Connecting structure and function to early visual circuits"
April 21, 2022 Annegret Falkner, Princeton University; Host: Jonathan Perelmuter - "Mapping the neural dynamics of social dominance and defeat"
April 28, 2022 Melissa Warden, Cornell University; Host: Kern Reeve - "Neuromodulation and the balance between goal-directed and reactive behavior"

May 2, 2022

at 4:00pm

Sally Otto, University of British Columbia; Life Sciences Lecture Series; Hosts: Philipp Messer, Computation Biology, and Eric Alani, Molecular Biology and Genetics - "Genomic Scope of Adaptive Mutations in the Face of Environmental Challenges"

May 11, 2022

at 1:30pm

Andrew Legan, PhD Defense; Host: Michael Sheehan - "Ontogeny and Evolution of Olfactory Recognition in Paper Wasps"
May 12, 2022 Honors Poster Session

June 9, 2022

at 11:00am

Caitlin Miller, PhD Defense; Host: Michael Sheehan

July 20

at 10:00am

Andrea Roeser, PhD Defense; Host: Jesse Goldberg