Shipping Resources

Administrative staff in W361 Mudd Hall can assist with shipping via Federal Express or UPS once the package(s) are ready to ship.  The following should be completed prior to requesting assistance:

  • Package(s) should be secured, sealed and ready to go.
  • Weight and dimensions (unless Letter/Envelope)
  • Complete address (no PO's) - Domestic and/or International
  • Type of shipment(s) (Fed Ex or UPS) and Overnight/Ground
  • Account to charge & descriptive business purpose - if recipient is being charged, that should be noted
  • Contents of package(s) - necessary for insurance purposes (the first $100 is covered and then $.35 each additional $100)
  • Should you need a commercial invoice. Fed Ex Commercial Invoice and UPS Commercial Invoice
  • Package(s) should be logged into the book outside of W361 to be taken to Biotech (if before 10 AM).  If after 10 AM, it should be walked over to the loading dock in Biotech.  UPS packages will be picked up with our standing pickup policy.  Package(s) should be ready by 3 PM at the latest.
  • Copy of the airway bills should be given to Jaclene Weston with the account number to charge and a detailed business purpose for the shipping.