NBB Awards 2022-23

It is time to recognize the notable awards/honors garnered by NBB students and faculty over the past year.

First, we congratulate the following graduate or undergraduate students for their honors/awards:

  • Victoria Alkin (undergrad), Salpeter Award, Honors Thesis
  • Julia Fan (undergrad), Sherman Award, Honors Thesis
  • Amit Hanadari-Levy (undergrad), Capranica Award, Honors Thesis
  • Ajinkya Dahaki (grad), Capranica Neuroethology
  • Raunak Sen (grad), CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistant

We also congratulate the following NBB faculty for their honors/awards:

Andrew Bass (CAS) – Included in a list of 41 scientists in the following book:  Nelson, R.J. & Weil, Z.M. (Editors). 2022. Biographical History of Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. Springer Nature, New York. As stated in the Introduction: “The goal of this book is to track the development of the field [Behavioral Neuroendocrinology] from the first recognized paper in the field by Arnold Berthold in 1849… to the major contributors of the past century.”

Antonio Fernandez-Ruiz (CAS) – 

  • Freedman Prize for Exceptional Basic Research, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
  • Scialog Fellow, Research Corporation for Science Advancement

  • Klingenstein-Simons Neuroscience Fellowship

  • Sloan Research Fellowship

Jesse Goldberg (CAS) – New Frontier grant, Cornell College of Arts and Sciences, Machine learning guided correction of circuit abnormalities in Parkinson’s

Azahara Oliva (CAS) - New Frontier grant, Cornell College of Arts and Sciences, Neural circuit mechanisms of memory in a natural environment

Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani (CAS) - Freeman Hrabowski Scholar, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Nilay Yapici (CAS) – Sabri Ülker Science Award  

Congratulations to all for these laudable accomplishments!


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