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Research Design in the Study of Animal Social Behavior, hosted by Michael Sheehan

A weekly discussion group for the evaluation of ongoing research projects - not necessarily finished products - in areas related to animal behavior. Neurobiology and Behavior graduate students studying animal behavior are encouraged to sign up to present once every year, especially those students in their second year and beyond. Students, post-docs and faculty from any field are welcome to both present and attend. 

Tuesdays, 12:20-1:30 PM, W358 Mudd Hall

To schedule a date, contact Saundra Anderson

Spring 2018:

Date Speaker Possible Topic
January 30 Laura Stein Paper sent via email, if you did not receive a copy, please contact Saundra Anderson
February 6 Sarah Kocher Paper for discussion - Solitary bees reduce investment in communication compared with their social relatives Bernadette Wittwera, Abraham Hefetzb, Tovit Simonb, Li E. K. Murphyc, Mark A. Elgara, Naomi E. Piercec, and Sarah D. Kocher; PNAS June 20, 2017 | vol. 114 | no. 25 | 6569–6574 PDF
February 13 Takao Sasaki Paper for discussion - paper about cumulative culture in homing pigeons; Cumulative culture can emerge from collective intelligence in animal groups Takao Sasaki1 & Dora Biro1 PDF
February 20 Yun Ding Paper sent via email, if you did not receive a copy, please contact Saundra Anderson
February 27 Roslyn Dakin Paper for discussion - Visual guidance of forward flight in hummingbirds reveals control based on image features instead of pattern velocity Roslyn Dakina, Tyee K. Fellowsa, and Douglas L. Altshulera; PNAS August 2, 2016 | vol. 113 | no. 31 | 8849–8854 PDF
March 6 Floria Uy Cooperation, conflict and brain plasticity in insect societies
March 13 Liz Bergen Alternative hypotheses for interactive courtship in satin bowerbirds
March 20 Sara Keen Cultural evolution of bird song
March 27 Joe Welklin Winter mates impact summer dates: Linking non-breeding social environment and reproductive success in an Australian songbird
April 3 Spring Break  
April 10 No Lunch Bunch - Cancelled  
April 17 Mickey Pardo Do acorn woodpeckers show sex differences in long term vocal recognition ability?
April 24    
May 1 Hayden Waller Artificial selection in Laupala
May 8 No Lunch Bunch - Honors Poster Session