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The Second Annual Cornell Neurotech Mong Family Foundation 2017 Symposium; Friday, September 22, 2017; G10 Biotechnology Building, 1:30PM-5:PM
CORNELL NEUROTECH is developing technologies and powerful new tools needed to reveal the inner workings of the brain, with a particular focus on how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact at the speed of thought. Solving the mystery of how circuits in the brain produce behavior, thoughts and feelings is one of the most important scientific frontiers in the 21st century, providing the foundation for understanding such profound behavioral deficits as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and depression. Making headway on these problems requires major technological innovation and its application to reveal the basics of brain organization and its function and dysfunction.  Cornell Neurotech aims to fill that gap by developing and applying technologies emerging at the interfaces between physics, engineering, chemistry, computer science and the life sciences.

Faculty Research Videos

Jesse Goldberg: Neural Control of Bird Song Learning

More research videos:

Robert Raguso is the recipient of the 2017 Silverstein-Simeone Award from the Intenational Society of Chemical Ecology at the annual meeting (Aug. 23-28) in Kyoto, Japan.
The award is named for the co-founders of the society's journal (Journal of Chemical Ecology), and is described here:
"The ISCE Silverstein-Simeone lecture award is made in honor of the enormous contribution made to the field of chemical ecology by Drs. Robert M. (Milt) Silverstein and John B. Simeone, the founding editors of the Journal of Chemical Ecology. The award is normally made to recognize outstanding recent or current work at the frontiers of chemical ecology, rather than long term career achievement. This award is generously sponsored by Springer."