Kraig Adler was honored with the 2018 Founder's Medal of the Society for the History of Natural History

Wed, 06/27/2018

The Founders’ Medal

The Founders’ Medal is awarded to persons who have made a substantial contribution to the study of the history or bibliography of natural history. More than one medal can be awarded in any given year.

Nominations for the Society’s Founder’s Medal should be sent to the Secretary ( before the end of January 2019.

Rules governing The Founders’ Medal

16.1: The Founders’ Medal

  • (a) Persons eminent in the fields of the history and/or bibliography of natural history may be awarded the Founders’ Medal.
  • (b) Award of the Founders’ Medal shall be at a General Meeting of the Society, on the nomination of the Council. The name of the person nominated for the award shall be published on the notice calling the Meeting.

Recipients of the Founders’ Medal

  • 2018  Professor Kraig Adler
  • 2017  Mr Edward Dickinson
  • 2016  Professor Tim Birkhead
  • 2015  Professor Jim Secord
  • 2014  Mr S. Peter Dance
  • 2013  Dr E. Charles Nelson
  • 2012  Dr Pat Morris
  • 2011  Sir David Attenborough OM CH FRS
  • 2009  Professor H. Walter Lack (Botany); Professor Hugh Torrens (Geology); and Dr Ray Williams (Zoology)
  • 2005  Dr L. C. (Kees) Rookmaaker
  • 2003  Dr Janet Browne
  • 2001  Dr Gordon C. Sauer
  • 2000  Professor Gordon L. Herries Davies
  • 1998  Dr David E. Allen
  • 1997  Dr Frederick Burkhardt & Ms Nina J. Root
  • 1996  Mrs Christine E. Jackson
  • 1995  Professor Arthur J. Cain
  • 1994  Mr Ray G. C. Desmond
  • 1993  Mr Adrian J. Desmond
  • 1992  Mr Gavin D. R. Bridson
  • 1991  Professor William A. S. Sarjeant
  • 1990  Dr Richard S. Cowan
  • 1989  Mr Harold B. Carter
  • 1988  Professor Martin J. S. Rudwick
  • 1986  Professor Joseph Ewan
  • Mrs Joan M. Eyles
  • Mr Richard B. Freeman
  • Mr Francis J. Griffin
  • Professor John L. Heller
  • Dr Lipke B. Holthuis
  • Professor Frans A. Stafleu
  • Professor William T. Steam
  • Mr Alwyne Wheeler
  • Sir Eric Smith
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